About Us

 What is BASE Athletic?

We are new here...but we have big plans.

 Base Athletic Apparel is bringing the coolest staple edit to the athletic wear game. Our pieces are made to perform in and be lived in; from classes to rest and everything in between. A neutral and earthy color palate that can be mixed and matched with all styles. Flattering silhouettes that make you feel your best when you are working your hardest or restoring your energy. Versatile, minimal, cool, and sexy, we amplify you.


The Mission


They say that if you don't like the game, you should change the rules. We are here to do just that. There are many big brands in the world today that are offering subscription based plans for no small amount of money in exchange for monthly outfits or accessories. Each month you are charged passively- but are you always happy about it? Maybe sometimes you are, maybe sometimes you are not. Oftentimes, the value of what you are getting in return is no longer matched. Prices increase while benefits decrease. All of the sudden your subscription gets you less and less, nothing "counts" towards your benefit, the new drops aren't included, or by the time you go to shop with it, everything is sold out. It's a frustrating model on many levels, and we are here to replace it with something better and more fair to our loyal customers.